Spanish Lawyers in London

When it comes to managing your overseas affairs, choosing a law firm who truly understands your requirements is not only beneficial, but essential. Established in 1998, BCP is an international law firm dedicated in providing high quality legal advice to both the public and other professional advisors. Though our headquarters are based in Spain, we now have an office in central London, allowing our UK-based clients easy access to our services. Increasingly, our Spanish lawyers in London are the firm of choice for businesses and individuals living in the United Kingdom who have legal requirements abroad. With an impressive track record for delivering a reliable and dependable service, you can trust BCP to provide prompt attention to your matter, regardless of how complex it may be.

Why choose BCP’s Spanish lawyers in London for international affairs?

At BCP, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve built – not only in Spain, but in the heart of the UK capital as well as Portugal and Morocco. From our office in London, we provide both individuals and businesses with expert legal advice at a competitive rate to an international client base. So, whether you’re seeking advice on international tax matters, a cross-border property transaction or you need assistance distributing the assets of a foreign estate, you can rely on our dedicated, Spanish lawyers in London to guide you through.

Without the right legal representation, cultural differences and language barriers can often stand in the way of commercial agreements. Since 1998, BCP have been working to facilitate international legal issues by bridging the cultural divides that can cause uncertainty. Each of our qualified lawyers is well renowned not only for their expertise, but also their passion and dedication to each and every client, no matter how challenging their issues may seem at first glance.


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Our Spanish lawyers in London are centrally located on Fleet Street, just next to St Paul’s Cathedral. The nearest bus stop to our London office is Ludgate Circus (Stop E), but you can also get here quickly on the tube: just hop off at City Thameslink and turn left onto Fleet Street.

We aim to be as accessible as possible for our clients - however, should you experience any issues in getting here, our friendly lawyers in London will be happy to provide directions and assistance. Just give us a call.

Office Opening Hours

Our London office opening hours are Mon-Fri 8:30 – 18:00

Spanish tax lawyers in London

At BCP, our Spanish tax lawyers in London deliver bespoke solutions to clients carrying out business dealings abroad as well as individuals facing international taxation issues. Working proactively to protect the interests of our clients, our specialist international tax and accounting team advise on a range of matters, including corporate tax, foreign property tax, customs clearance, important and export tax, inheritance tax and individual wealth tax to name a few.

Spanish probate lawyers in London

With an increasing amount of individuals owning assets in foreign jurisdictions, the need for qualified international probate lawyers to assist with cross-border estate administrations has grown significantly. At BCP, we’re proud to offer this specialist service; helping our clients through the process with minimal fuss. We know how complicated matters can become when estates are located overseas, which is why our Spanish probate lawyers in London are dedicated in keeping things smooth and straightforward from start to finish.  Acting with sensitivity but determination, BCP will work meticulously to tie up any loose ends, providing bespoke advice on inheritance taxation and planning.

Spanish property lawyers in London

Whether you’re buying or selling, being involved in a property transaction is generally considered as a time-consuming, stressful affair. When it’s an international property transaction, matters only become more complicated. At BCP, our Spanish property lawyers in London combine an in-depth knowledge for both local and international property markets with a detailed understanding of the law across several jurisdictions. As a result, we’re able to strategically advise our clients in relation to tax, land registry, planning issues and mortgages to ensure you get the most from your investment. Whether you’re a UK company or an individual, you can count on our international property solicitors in London to complete your transaction with ease.

Spanish dispute resolution lawyers in London

Whether it’s in your business or personal life, disputes can cost you in time as well as money. When it’s a cross-border dispute, it’s easy for conflicts to escalate quickly. To minimise disruption, the key is to instruct an experienced dispute resolution lawyer with the skill and expertise necessary to resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here at BCP, our Spanish dispute resolution lawyers in London assist to bring both commercial and personal conflicts to a fair conclusion.

International legal resources in London

Consulate of Spain in London

If you are a Spanish citizen residing in the UK, you will have to register with the Consular Register in London. This can be done by booking an appointment with the Spanish embassy at your convenience. For more information, click the link above.