Spanish Probate Lawyers in London

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be upsetting and stressful enough, without worrying about a difficult probate process to resolve their estate.  If the deceased lived abroad, or had assets in another country, this can add an extra layer of complication that makes the probate process even more challenging.

At BCP International, we have an expert team of Spanish probate lawyers in London who work with a wide range of clients to help resolve probate involving property and other assets in Spain, or where the deceased lived in Spain or some of their beneficiaries currently live there.

Why choose BCP’s Spanish probate lawyers in London?

BCP specialises in dealing with probate cases where the deceased, their beneficiaries or some or all of their assets were or are based in Spain. We have extensive experience dealing with both Spanish probate and UK probate cases with a deep understanding of the relevant laws in both jurisdictions.

Our team includes probate solicitors fluent in both Spanish and English, ensuring that language barriers do not hold up or unnecessarily complicate the probate process. We can therefore offer a faster and less stressful process for international probate cases.

We take a sensitive but practical approach to resolving probate, working to quickly clear up any issues that arise from dealing with assets in Spain and Spanish law.

We work with:

  • Executors
  • Beneficiaries of the deceased’s Will
  • Family members of the deceased
  • Other lawyers without the specialist knowledge and experience to deal with Spanish probate issues
  • Accountants dealing with estate administration and inheritance tax
  • Estate agents selling property in Spain from a deceased person’s estate
  • Wealth management companies and independent financial advisers

When it comes to dealing with Spanish probate issues, the specialist expertise of our Spanish probate lawyers in London can help make the whole process clearer, faster and less stressful. This results in a better outcome for everyone involved, allowing you the freedom to move on with your life.

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